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Australian Birds

With an emphasis on the Central Coast of NSW

Varigated Fairy-wrenThis page has snowballed. Originally I was trying to photograph 100 birds on the Central Coast of NSW by 2014. I joined Birding NSW and reached my target in late February 2013 then decided that I would try for more.

I am now a member of Birdlife Australia, the NSW Bird Atlassers and Hunter Bird Observers Club. I supply images to these organizations for educational purposes copyright free.

This is a conglomeration of all birds found in Australian Field Guides that I have photographed in the wild since Sept 2012.

Several images on the pages below need better photos and some require additional photos of both sexes where applicable. Updated photos or new species will be added time permitting.


Avocet, Red-necked

Babbler, Grey-crowned

Babbler, White-browed

Baza, Pacific

Bee-eater, Rainbow

Bittern, Australasian

Blackbird, Common

Black-Cockatoo, Glossy

Black-Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed

Boobook, Southern

Bowerbird, Regent

Bowerbird, Satin


Bronze-cuckoo, Shining

Bronzewing, Brush

Bronzewing, Common

Brush-Turkey, Australian


Bulbul, Red-whiskered

Butcherbird, Grey

Butcherbird, Pied

Button-quail, Painted

Chat, Crimson

Chat, White-fronted

Chough, White-winged

Cicadabird, Common

Cisticola, Golden-headed


Cockatoo, Gang-gang

Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested

Coot, Eurasian

Corella, Little

Corella, Long-billed

Cormorant, Great

Cormorant, Little-black

Cormorant, Little-pied

Cormorant, Pied

Coucal, Pheasant

Crake Baillion's

Crake, Spotted

Cuckoo, Channel-billed

Cuckoo, Fan-tailed

Cuckoo, Pallid

Cuckoo-Dove, Brown

Cuckoo-shrike Black-faced

Cuckoo-shrike, White-bellied

Curlew, Eastern

Currawong, Grey

Currawong Pied

Darter, Australasian


Dotterel, Black-fronted

Dotterel, Red-kneed

Dove Bar-shouldered

Dove, Peaceful

Dove, Rock

Dove, Spotted

Drongo, Spangled

Duck, Blue-billed

Duck, Freckled

Duck, Musk

Duck, Pacific Black

Duck, Pink-eared

Duck, Wood (Maned Duck)

Eagle, Little (Dark Morph)

Egret, Cattle

Egret Eastern Reef (Dark Morph)

Egret, Great

Egret, Intermediate

Egret, Little


Emu-wren Southern

Fairy-wren, Splendid

Fairy-wren, Superb

Fairy-wren, Variegated

Falcon, Black

Falcon, Brown

Falcon, Peregrine

Fantail, Grey

Faintail, Rufous

Fieldwren, Striated

Figbird, Australasian

Finch, Double-barred

Finch, Red-browed

Finch, Zebra

Firetail, Diamond (Finch)

Flycatcher, Leaden

Flycatcher, Restless

Friarbird, Little

Friarbird, Noisy

Frogmouth, Tawny

Fruit-Dove, Wompoo


Gerygone, Brown

Gerygone, Mangrove

Godwit, Bar-tailed

Godwit, Black-tailed

Goldfinch, European

Goose, Cape Barren

Goose, Magpie

Goshawk, Brown

Goshawk, Grey

Grassbird, Tawny

Grebe, Australasian

Grebe, Great-crested

Grebe, Hoary-headed

Greenshank, Common

Gull, Pacific

Gull, Silver


Harrier, Spotted

Harrier, Swamp (Marsh)

Heathwren, Shy

Heron, Striated

Heron White-faced

Heron, White-necked

Hobby, Australian

Honeyeater, Black-chinned

Honeyeater, Blue-faced

Honeyeater, Brown

Honeyeater, Brown-headed

Honeyeater, Fuscous

Honeyeater, Lewins

Honeyeater, New Holland

Honeyeater, Painted

Honeyeater, Regent

Honeyeater, Scarlet

Honeyeater, Singing

Honeyeater, Spiny-cheeked

Honeyeater, Striped

Honeyeater, Tawny-crowned

Honeyeater, White-cheeked

Honeyeater, White-eared

Honeyeater, White-fronted

Honeyeater, White-naped

Honeyeater, White-plumed

Honeyeater, Yellow-faced

Honeyeater, Yellow-tufted

Ibis, Australian White

Ibis, Glossy

Ibis, Straw-necked

Jacana, Comb-crested

Jacky Winter

Kestrel, Nankeen

Kingfisher, Azure

Kingfisher, Sacred

Kite, Black

Kite, Black-shouldered

Kite, Brahminy

Kite, Square-tailed

Kite, Whistling

Knot, Great

Knot, Red

Koel, Eastern

Kookaburra, Laughing

Lapwing, Banded

Lapwing, Masked

Lorikeet, Little

Lorikeet, Musk

Lorikeet, Rainbow

Lorikeet, Scaly-breasted

Mallard, Northern

Mannikin, Chestnut-breasted

Magpie, Australian

Magpie Lark

Martin, Fairy

Martin, Tree


Miner, Bell

Miner, Noisy

Mistletoe Bird

Monarch, Black-faced

Monarch, White-eared

Moorhen Dusky

Mynah Indian

Native-hen, Black-tailed

Needletail, White-throated

Night-Heron, Nankeen

Oriole, Olive-backed

Osprey, Eastern


Owl, Barking

Owl, Eastern Barn

Owl, Masked

Owl, Powerful

Owlet-nightjar, Australian

Oystercatcher, Pied

Oystercatcher, Sooty

Pardalote, Spotted

Pardalote, Striated

Parrot, King

Parrot, Red-rumped

Parrot. Regent

Parrot, Swift

Pelican, Australian

Penguin, Little

Pigeon, Crested

Pigeon, Topknot

Pigeon, White-headed

Pigeon, Wonga

Pipit, Australasian (Richard's)

Plover, Double-banded

Plover, Grey

Plover, Lesser Sand

Plover, Pacific Golden

Plover, Red-capped

Quail-thrush, Spotted

Rail Buff-banded

Raven, Australian

Raven, Little

Reed-warbler, Australian

Ringneck, Australian (Mallee)

Robin, Eastern Yellow

Robin, Hooded

Robin, Red-capped

Robin, Rose

Robin, Scarlet

Rosella, Crimson

Rosella, Eastern


Sandpiper, Broad-billed

Sandpiper, Buff-breasted

Sandpiper, Curlew

Sandpiper, Marsh

Sandpiper, Pectoral

Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed

Sandpiper, Terek

Scrub-Robin, Southern

Scrubwren, Large-billed

Scrubwren White-browed

Scrubwren, Yellow-throated

Sea-eagle, White-bellied

Gull, Silver

Shearwater, Fluttering

Shelduck, Australian

Shelduck, Radjah

Shrike-trush, Grey

Shoveler, Australasian

Shrike-tit Crested


Sittela, Varied

Snipe, Lathams

Songlark, Brown

Songlark, Rufous

Sparrow, House

Spinebill, Eastern

Spoonbill, Royal

Spoonbill, Yellow-billed

Starling, Common

Stone-curlew, Beach

Stone-curlew, Bush

Stork, Black-necked (Jabaru)

Stint, Red-necked

Stilt, Black-winged

Stilt, Banded

Swallow, Welcome

Swamphen, Purple

Swan, Black

Tattler Grey-tailed

Tattler Wandering

Teal, Chestnut

Teal, Grey

Tern, Caspian

Tern, Common

Tern, Crested

Tern, Gull-billed

Tern, Little

Tern, White-fronted

Tern, Whiskered

Thornbill, Brown

Thornbill, Buff-rumped

Thornbill, Inland

Thornbill, Striated

Thornbill, Yellow

Thornbill, Yellow-rumped

Thrush, Bassian

Treecreeper, Brown

Treecreeper, White-throated

Triller, White-winged

Turnstone, Ruddy

Wagtail, Eastern Yellow

Wagtail, Willy

Warbler, Rock

Wattlebird, Little

Wattlebird, Red


Whipbird, Eastern


Whistler, Golden

Whistler, Rufous

Whistling-duck, Plumed

Whistling-duck, Wandering

Whiteface, Southern

Wood Swallow, Dusky

Wood Swallow, White Breasted

Woodswallow White-rowed

Birds in Captivity

The following are captive birds, and my "wish-list" to photograph in the wild.

Black-Cockatoo, Carnaby's - Reptile Park Somesby, NSW

Cassowary, Southern - Reptile Park Somesby, NSW

Parrot, Eclectus - Private pet

Parrot, Elegant - Reptile Park Somesby, NSW

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