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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Long-billed Corella

Scientific Name: Cacatua tenuirostris

Long-billed Corella

Long-billed Corella profile, note the "Cut Throat" (pink/red on the throat) along with a much longer bill than the Little Corella. Budgewoi, NSW Dec 2012.

Long-billed Corellas are from Western Victoria and parts of Western New South Wales near the Murray River. They are not well liked by the "Man on the Land" as they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to crops.

Some cage birds have escaped or been set free over time and they have bred into small colonies. Feral flocks can now be found along the east coast of Australia.

Long-billed Corellas

Long-billed Corellas at The Entrance July 2015

Long-billed Corella

Long-billed Corella Budgewoi, NSW. Dec 2014.

Long-billed Corellas

Long-billed Corellas Budgewoi, NSW Jan 2015

Long-billed Corellas

Long-billed Corellas, The Entrance, NSW. Dec 2014

Loing-billed Correla fighting with Rainbow lorikeet

This one landed on the feed tray in the backyard and was soon joined by its mate. A rainbow Lorikeet was trying to land and join in but soon lost the "Battle of the Beaks". Budgewoi, NSW Dec 2012.

Long-billed Corella

Long-billed Corella at Avoca Beach, NSW Aug 2013.

Little Corellas Mating

Long-billed Corellas mating at Avoca Beach, NSW Aug 2013.

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