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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Nothern Mallard

Scientific Name: Anas platyrhynchos

Nothern Mallard

Male Nothern Mallard Tuggerah, NSW Nov 2014
The Northern Mallard is an introduced species that has escaped into the wild. They will cross breed with Pacific Black Ducks. 90% of all ducks in New Zealand are Mallards, as Mallards migrate to Lord Howe and Norfolk Island, and Canadian Geese from New Zealand have migrated to Australia. It is believed that pure Mallards enter Australia from New Zealand where they were introduced from Europe,

Nothern Mallard

Female Nothern Mallard, NSW Nov 2014
The orange legs, yellow bill, larger size and lighter plumage distinguish female Mallards from Pacific Black females. Pacific Black Ducks with orange legs have cross-bred with Northern Mallards.

Mallard Male

Male Northern Mallard, Saratoga, NSW Mar 2013.

Mallard females

Female Northern Mallards, Saratoga Pier, NSW Mar 2013.

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