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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Australasian Figbird

Scientific Name: Sphecotheres vieilloti

Male Australasian Figbird

Male Figbird at North Entrance, Aug 2014.

Female Australasian Figbird

Female Australasian Figbird at North Entrance Jan 2015

Figbird - male

Juvenile male Figbird still showing fledgling camouflage feathers similar to the female. The bare red eye must be visible at fledgling stage as others at this stage of development have been seen begging for food. Lakes Beach Surf Club, Dec 2012

Figbird female

Figbird females have a blueish skin around their eyes. Budgewoi, Dec 2012

Male figbird eating

The male Figbird shallowing a fig whole.

Male Figbird

Male Figbird, Saratoga, NSW Sept 2013

Female Figbird

Female Figbird Saratoga NSW Sept 2013

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