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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Bar-shouldered Dove

Scientific Name: Geopelia humeralis

Bar-shouldered Doves

Bar-shouldered Doves at Tuggerah, NSW May 2015

Bar-shouldered Dove at Bambara forest

A Bar-shouldered Dove flight about to fly Bambara Rd Bambara Forest Kariong July 2013

bar-shouldered Dove in flight at Bambara Forest

Bar-shouldered Dove in flight at Bambara Rd Bambara Forest Kariong July 2013

Bar-shouldered Dove missing its tail

This one just got away from a cat or maybe a fox, my first sighting at this location and there were a pair. Doves and some pigeons are slow to take off from the ground and it is feeding where there are at their most vulnerable. Old Scenic Hwy Budgewoi/Noraville (Lakes Beach Reserve) July 2013

Bar-shouldered Dove

Bar-shouldered Dove at Munmorah State Recreation Area, NSW. I heard the familiar call and pulled over for first bird of the day. Sep 2013

Bar-shouldered Dove

Just as I was leaving I heard another one calling just near my car, Sep 2013

Bar0shouldered Dove

One of three Bar-shouldered Doves at Lakes Beach Reserve Mar 2014.

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