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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Australian Brush-Turkey

Scientific Name: Alectura lathami

Male Australian Brush-turkey

Male Australian Brush-turkey Ourimbah NSW Sept 2014.

Australian Brush-Turkey

Australian Brush-Turkey Matcham Oct 2013

Male Australian Brush Turkey

Male Australian Brush Turkey, Copacabana, NSW Sept 2013.

Male Australian Brush Turkey, Copacabana, NSW Sept 2013.

Female Australian Brush Turkey, Copacabana, NSW Sept 2013.

Australian Bush Turkey at Bambara

A female Bush Turkey looking very regal as she watches the world from on high. She was not regal clambering up the tree. Another forest bird that is threatened if Bambara Forest is not made into the National Park. July 2013

Male Bush Turkey

The Bush Turkey builds a mound of leaves to lay it's eggs to incubate. The male of the species pictured above seem to be constantly obsessed with moving around leaves and undergrowth. Many Australians with a property that backs onto bush or National Parks find that this bird regards their back yard as his. There are very persistent and stubborn - good luck with the new vegetable garden.

Bush Turkey Female

The colouring on the head & wattle are not so pronounced on the female Bush Turkey.

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