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Birds of Australia

Common Name: Willie Wagtail

Scientific Name: Rhipidura leucophrys

Willy Wagtail

Willie Wagtail, Long Jetty Oct 2012
Willie Wagtails are Australia's largest Fantail and not really a Wagtail at all.

Willlie Wagtail

Willie Wagtail on nest, the nest is made from spider web. Often they nest under a Magpie lark or Pee Wee nest for protection to to their agressive behaviour. They also rely on sitting still and not being noticed.

Willy Wagtail Nest site

Willie Wagtails are insectiverious and nest near water. This nest is located on the walking trail around Tuggerah Lake beside Tunbi Umbi Creek just before the bridge and many people walk past this daily.

Willlie Wagtail

Willly Wagtail looking for insects, Budgewoi, NSW May 2015

Willly Wagtail

Willly Wagtail with an insect it caught, Budgewoi, June 2015

Willy Wagtail

Willlie Wagtail Budgewoi, NSW June 2014

Willly Wagtail

Willlie Wagtail Budgewoi, NSW Nov 2014

Juvenile Willie Wagtail

Juvenile Willie Wagtail, Budgewoi NSW Jan 2015

Adult and juvenile Willie Wagtails

Adult and juvenile Willie Wagtail Budgewoi NSW Jan 2015

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